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Authorized Distributor for Fanuc Wire EDM, CNC Machining Center, Injection Molding, Laser and Robots

Wire EDM with Fanuc ROBOCUT

Fast, accurate electrical discharge machining

Where wire EDM is concerned, accuracy has traditionally come at the cost of speed. That’s why FANUC has developed a next generation ROBOCUT wire-cutting machine. The α-CiB series comprises three versatile all-rounders, including the first model with an 800 mm table. With incredibly long mean times between failures, low maintenance, longevity and excellent uptimes, these future-proof spark erosion machines are designed to save time and drive down unit costs while ensuring superlative accuracy and cutting efficiency.

ROBOCUT range of dedicated wire EDM models

Depending on the travel axis you need, choose from one of FANUC’s renowned α-CiB series models to accomplish fast high-precision wire electrical discharge machining. To benefit from consistent cutting across a wide range of applications opt for either the α-C400iB, α-C600iB or α-Cb00iB.

Fanuc ROBOCUT WEDM Brochure

ROBOCUT wire EDM offers:
  • generator designed for maximum reliability
  • latest CNC and servomotor technology
  • capable of cutting thick, stepped and tapered parts
  • multi-workpiece machining
  • easy-to-use Core Stitch function for even longer unmanned machining
  • wire threading in just 10 seconds
  • automatic in-path wire re-threading
  • accurate twin servo wire tension control
Easy-to-set Core Stitch function

ROBOCUT α-CiB series’ Core Stitch function allows you to better plan cutting jobs and extend unmanned machining hours. Stitch points are set directly on the wire-cutting machine’s CNC without any pre-programming. Used in combination with the re-threading in the wire path function, this is the ideal solution for long lasting unmanned machining and multi-workpiece cutting processes. When the job is done you simply knock out the cores manually without any risk to the machine.

Automatic wire threading in just 10 seconds

FANUC’s unique AWF2 Automatic Wire Feed threading technology provides fast, reliable automatic threading in just 10 seconds. To ensure reliable threading and re-threading, wires are cut electrically leaving a pointed end that is absolutely straight and burr-free, even on soft wire. Aided by a jet of water, threading the wire is both simple and very fast.

Wire EDM for easy automation

The FANUC Quick & Simple Startup Package (QSSP) enables you to install tending robots in just a few steps, with convenient side and front doors and an ergonomically designed work area offering good robot accessibility. For more demanding automation scenarios, FANUC offers full support regardless of location.


Big-bed versatility

X-Y-axes travel: 800 x 600 mm
U-V-axes travel: 200 x 200 mm
Z-axis travel: 310 mm



The can-do all-rounder

X-Y-axes travel: 800 x 600 mm
U-V-axes travel: 200 x 200 mm
Z-axis travel: 310 mm



The compact match for micro machining

X-Y-axes travel: 400 x 300 mm
U-V-axes travel: 120 x 120 mm
Z-axis travel: 255 mm



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Business Overview

Troop industrial division integrates industrial robots and quality components for its machine tools and automation systems: including casting, servo drives and motion control components, precision ball screws, linear guide and scale. This comprehensive design, manufacturing and assembly techniques ensures quality and reliability for all our customized systems.
Our distribution portfolio includes Wire Cutting Electric Discharge Machine (EDM), Die Sinking EDM, Laser Engraving Machine, Laser Cutting / Welding Machine, Vertical / Horizontal Plastic Injection Moulding Machines, and Milling/Turning/ Grinding Machine to peripheral products (Tooling System, MTS), consumables and corresponding CNC Numerical Control.
Through the establishment of the dedicated LTA Center, Troop is able to provide niche facilities for industrial companies for laboratory, testing and application requirements.

  • Industrial 34%
  • Distribution 48%
  • Properties 18%



Established in 1983 and has been in continuous operations for over 33 years.


Received the Enterprise 50 Award and is recognized as a top privately held company in Singapore.


Awarded over 47 patents for designs and innovations over the past 25 years.

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